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Discovering Double Take Scarlet: A Bright Spot in Early Spring Gardens

Updated: May 13

FLOWERING QUINCE (Chaenomeles speciosa)

Early spring can be a trying time in the garden. Prolonged cold, gray days leave us scanning the landscape for any hint of color.

I saw this Quince flowering from across the nursery parking lot like a shining beacon flashing through dense fog. Such bright and cheery flowers arcing gracefully on a medium-large framed shrub, at this time of year no less, present a seriously impressive display.

This variety is called Double Take Scarlet, and it is indeed worth a double take. I thought it was a Camellia at first glance (a warmer climate flowering shrub boasting similar colored bright red or pink flowers).

There are several different forms of quince, but this one grows to be a medium to large sized shrub (3’-4’ wide, 4’-5’ tall). Since it flowers on old wood, it's simple enough to prune in the summer after it’s done flowering to keep it the size you want. It will require a decently sized sunny spot of its own in a garden, but I think it’s more than worth it. This is a thornless variety, and considered to be a good drought resistant option once established.

The long branches crowded with clusters of flowers which emerge well before its leaves make for an awesome cut branch and flower display.

Quince can sometimes have an old-fashioned reputation, but I’m personally finding a lot of renewed interest in these “old garden” plants. It could easily add a distinctive and dramatic accent to your garden. Contact us to learn more about pricing for a shrub like this.

Flowering shrubs offer the most ‘bang for the buck’ of any garden addition in my opinion, and will definitely be a strong focus in this series moving forward. They’re so versatile, and have so much to offer!

Hopefully this piqued your interest, and hopefully you will see some bright flowers soon, whether they’re in your garden, a window box, or out on a walk trying to keep warm through this cold start to spring.

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