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urban roof deck landscaping


Wisteria & Rose seamlessly integrates design, horticulture, and landscaping through their Design/Build philosophy, ensuring projects are seen through from conception to completion and cared for in the long term.

urban patio container garden, pollinator garden


For over two decades, Wisteria & Rose has been at the forefront of crafting innovative and timeless gardens and landscapes throughout Greater Boston. As a comprehensive service provider, we specialize in design, installation, and irrigation, fueled by our dedication to fashioning chic and contemporary outdoor havens. 


Whether you envision a snug courtyard, a sleek rooftop oasis, a modern outdoor culinary haven, or a line of flourishing window boxes, we're committed to helping you bring your dream outdoor space to life.


Meet our team of friendly and seasoned designers along with certified horticulturists. We understand the unique qualities of every project and aim to enhance them by carefully choosing exceptional plants and features for your space.

Jason Skibo

Lead Designer

Kerry Preston, MCH


Corinne Jean, MCH, MCLP

General Manager

Ellyn Dykema, MCH

Alec Mickiewicz, MCH

Jordan Marchesi

Samantha Bushell

Maya Delong

Henry Hanekom

Operations Manager

JoAnne Haley

Accounts Payable/Receivable


Join us each week as we share snapshots of inspiration from the world of plants. From fine gardening techniques to innovative landscaping trends, discover what's blooming and thriving as the season progresses in Boston and beyond.

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