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fine gardening with cascading flowers


Delivering meticulous attention and expert care tailored to your garden's needs, provided by certified horticulturists who seamlessly coordinate with other departments for comprehensive solutions.


Fine Gardening is different from traditional landscape management services. As certified professionals within the industry you can expect a higher attention to detail, patience, and thoughtful decision making when working to enhance your garden.
Our team of trained horticulturists arrive at every job with the practical experience and knowledge needed to make the right decisions for your garden. We cater our fine gardening care to your specific needs and desires, no matter the size or scope of your property. ​

In addition to detailed pruning and comprehensive plant care, we also offer advice and suggestions based on what your gardens needs. That might include different or new plant or shrub choices, soil renovations, transplanting, or changes to watering or irrigation schedules. Our team is also adept at identifying pests and diseases and can make informed suggestions or recommendations about how best to treat any issues in your garden. ​
Members of our team hold prominent positions in Industry organizations including the Board of Directors for the MNLA, the New England Irrigation Association as well as the Board of the Massachusetts Certified Horticulturists.  All of our gardeners work closely with members of the irrigation department, design/build, and container designers so any recommendations, additions, or changes that have to do with those areas can easily be communicated.

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