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Expertly designed and planted by our experienced crew, enhancing even the most challenging areas like narrow city streets or suburban patios.


Window boxes and containers are a great way to accent or highlight your home’s exterior. We love container gardens of all kinds because it offers a way to bring all the beauty of a garden to otherwise difficult spaces. Shady and narrow city streets, urban courtyards, suburban patios, and roof decks can all be improved by adding well designed seasonal containers.

With over 20 years of experience planting containers of all shapes and sizes, our crew knows what grows, and what doesn’t. Planting in containers or window boxes takes advantage of the seasonal nature of the weather here in New England, and highlights the different opportunities each season brings. Bright and beautiful annual flowers or lush and exotic tropical foliage can be used to create spectacular summer displays. ​

Whether you envision elegant and formal topiary, colorful and cascading flowers or a window box with all green and white, we can design your boxes and bring your vision to life.  All of our plantings are unique, complementing the home that they adorn not only from the outside, but the inside as well.  When space is limited, these gardens are perfect opportunities to have your very own, beautifully grown oasis of flowers.

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