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Evergreen Elegance: Harnessing the Beauty and Resilience of Creeping Euonymus

Updated: May 13

CREEPING EUONYMUS (Euonymus fortunei)

This week we’re looking at a real workhorse of the garden. A very different type of plant than a big, bold, attention getting flowering shrub, but equally important and useful.

This is a real back up singer of a plant, one that no one will ever shout about or praise. Until now! Time to give this useful little guy his flowers.

Creeping euonymus (also known as Wintercreeper) can refer to a few different types of euonymus - in this case I am looking specifically at a green and white leaf variety such as ‘Emerald Gaity’.

Typically sold as a small shrub, we use it as a perennial ground cover. It’s evergreen, and with its bright green and white foliage can really brighten up a shady space, and can be a great complement to some other deciduous shrubs or perennials.

These plants are amazing at just living. They can survive even the harshest of urban environments. We’ve used them with great success as a border plant along busy sidewalks in the city, as well as shady corners of a suburban garden.

If left unpruned over several years they can start to mound upward on themselves, giving a bit more of shrub presence, or if clipped back occasionally will remain looking like a ground cover.

This is a great cheap, bulletproof option for any neglected corner, or to replace something like vinca that has died off over the years. We strongly believe that foliage can be just as bright and interesting as flowers, and this is a great early spring example!

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