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Customized irrigation systems that provide efficient watering and ambient water features like fountains and streams to enhance garden aesthetics.


As part of our complete garden installation service our certified irrigation contractors can install and maintain state of the art systems to irrigate gardens, containers, roof decks and yards. Our process begins with a complete analysis of the project site, taking into account soil structure, sunlight, precipitation, grade and existing plant material. Irrigation systems are designed to meet the specific needs of the project and maximize the health of plants while maintaining responsible and sustainable water usage.

We use the latest to date SmartWater technologies in our irrigation systems with Wi-Fi based controllers. These systems can be operated and adjusted remotely from anywhere you have internet service from a smartphone or desktop. These modern systems connect to local weather stations that adjust your watering needs based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind and humidity in order to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of watering cycles. Integrated controllers provide summarized records of water usage and weather to further enhance control of your system. Installation and maintenance are carried out by our knowledgeable, certified irrigation specialists.

In addition to our irrigation services we can create beautiful and ambient water features for your garden. Fountains, waterfalls and streams can be made from many varieties of materials to fit your garden's aesthetic. Most commonly metal, stone, cast stone and porcelain are all very popular choices. Water features can be great additions to any garden space. In smaller gardens in particular the echoing sound of a gentle water stream can help drown out the competing noise entering your space. Helping add to the privacy of your outdoor area.

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